Intersections and Rising Strong: An Invitation

I said in a previous post that I’m trying to pay attention to intersections. So here’s an intersection, an idea, and an invitation.

Intersecting Line #1: For probably the first time in about 20 years, I’m not involved in a regular discussion of a book with anyone. There are a several reasons for this, but they don’t really matter. All that matters is that I miss it. I miss digging into a book with people and talking about our insights and questions. I find myself reading a lot these days and wanting to talk about so many things, but I don’t really have a place. Yes, part of that is by design with me being on a Sabbatical from church, but reading and discussing books is a life-giving excercise to me, and I feel a hole right now.

Intersecting Line #2: I’m reading Brene Brown’s new book Rising Strong, and it’s stirring up some stuff I want to talk about, and I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it right now (see above). Eventually, I’ll talk Jennifer into reading it, but it’s a lot to ask of her to keep up with my reading schedule. I want to talk about Brene Brown. (And after Rising Strong, I want to talk about Liz Gilbert’s new book Deep Magic, and then my friend Steve’s book is going to need to be interacted with, and I’m sure other stuff will come up in the meantime.)

Intersecting Line #3: I’ve restarted my blog. And I’m giving it more attention than I have in about 8 years. And I’m trying to become a better writer.  And you only get better at writing by writing, so it gives me something to write about. (Don’t worry, I have lots of other things too. The list is currently very long, but it’s not to have a regular commitment.)

The Idea: I’ll commit to one book (for now), to write a post each week on chapters from Rising Strong. I won’t do a book report, nor will I review the book. Rather, I will just react to it. I’ll tell you what was most impactful to me, and try to pull out the things that I think would benefit us all. You don’t have to read along. I’ll write the posts in such a way, that even if you don’t care to read, I hope the posts will be beneficial.

The Invitation: If I take the time to write, will you take the time to commit to responding, at least every once-in-awhile, at least a couple sentences about your journey through her book? Can we have this not be a one-way communication, but something closer to a conversation?

The Handshake: I’m putting this idea out there (because that’s what Brene says to do – just keep putting yourself out there). If no one’s interested, I’ll just keep a steady stream of “diarrhea of the mouth” headed Jennifer’s way. So here’s me putting my toe in the water. If you think this is a good idea, like the post, share the post, or comment in the comments. And just for fun, tell us in the comments your favorite book from Brene OR your favorite quotation from her. If there seems to be enough interest, I’ll have a post next week from chapter one of Rising Strong.

(Do it for my wife!)


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